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Our beloved Casey

Hello Tripp, I wanted to thank you for allowing my family to have the sweetest most lovable pup for thirteen years. Casey was born on May, 6 2002 and came into our lives late June. He was the absolute best dog anyone could ask for. He was a big mush but had the greatest personality. […]

Beemer 2002-2014

Tripp I wanted you to know that after 12.5 great years, Beemer ran out of heart beats last month. I have included a pictures of Beemer’s first day with us and his last day. (Trip and Tripper delivered Beemer to us in MN back in 2002.) He was absolutely the perfect dog for us. His […]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi Tripper, Long time no talk … Zucca is now 3 years old, developed fully into a huge 93 lbs. ealthy and lean female She has been living with me in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the past 2 years and she does get to swim all the time I got married again and they […]

San Diego, CA

Dear Tripper, This year my husband and I resolved to add a new member to the household…the family dog.  We have two active boys ages four and six and felt they were missing out on their boyhood and childhood by being dogless.  Thus began the search for the perfect family dog, which for us was […]

San Francisco, CA – Martinez family

Dear Tripp, We can’t tell you how thrilled we are with the new addition to our family. The kids were really surprised to see a puppy under the Christmas tree. Root Beer was born on October 30th and is already 3 1/2 months. He just keeps on growing. People are surprised to know we found […]

Lake Wyle, SC – McGarity Family

Welcome to the family Jed! 16 months ago we welcomed a new member into the McGarity clan. He was the brown furry kind of member. Jed wiggled his way into our hearts long before we ever met him. In 2012 our family was the “spotlight” family during the FIGHT NIGHT FOR KIDS fundraiser. Our daughter Libby Claire was […]


Labrador Retriever related questions answered My puppy is biting too hard. Is this normal? How do I stop it? What is a microchip? How does it work? Is crate training a good idea? What is the best way to housebreak my puppy? Is it acceptable to leave my Lab crated while I go to work? […]

Fearful Dog Advice

Q: My Labrador has been fine up until now, but suddenly became overly fearful. He hides behind me, pees and growls at strangers. What happened? How do I correct this behavior? (This problem is almost always encountered by women handlers. Men are less likely to experience these issues). A: This sudden onset of behavior is […]

How to avoid Puppy Mills

Definition of a Puppy Mill: A breeder’s system for whelping puppies without regard to their health, well being, or after market support, while maximizing profits at the expense of their dogs and customers. Puppy Mills are not necessarily defined by the number of pups they birth, but in the lack of care, socialization, nutritional needs, […]

History of Labradors

Labradors were invented, so to speak, in the fifteenth century. They were originally used as fishing dogs for the villagers of Newfoundland. Labs attained resistance to the cold waters of the North Atlantic by developing two distinct layers of hair – an inner layer of short fuzzy hair for insulation, and a longer guard hair […]