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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

sergio-150Hi Tripper,

Long time no talk … Zucca is now 3 years old, developed fully into a huge 93 lbs. ealthy and lean female She has been living with me in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the past 2 years and she does get to swim all the time I got married again and they love each other She became everything you preached She is a great buddy, sticks to me all the time and loves to be around usShe swims, runs some and then sleeps the whole day In the next couple of years I intend to visit you and get another companion for her.

Best, Sergio Vilhena

San Diego, CA

Dear Tripper,chloe-and-boys-150

This year my husband and I resolved to add a new member to the household…the family dog.  We have two active boys ages four and six and felt they were missing out on their boyhood and childhood by being dogless.  Thus began the search for the perfect family dog, which for us was a yellow Labrador.  Being an active member of the postmodern world, we began utilizing search engines in the quest to find the perfect dog.  Much to our delight was a site called with the winning slogan “home of the non-hyper family lab”! Myriad visits on the web site and several phone calls later we were sold on our newest little member of the family…Chloe.  We sent her to school first and anxiously awaited her arrival date to our home in San Diego.  What a delight it was to finally meet her! She is as sweet as pie and everyone we meet can’t help but comment on how well behaved and beautiful she is.  Chloe has brought much joy to our home and she has also brought us closer together as a family. The boys are outside playing more than ever and we as a family enjoy taking “adventure” walks with her.  Thank you LABPUPS for giving us such a wonderful dog!

Love, Russ, Diane, Joshua and Caleb

San Francisco, CA – Martinez family

Dear Tripp, martinez_small

We can’t tell you how thrilled we are with the new addition to our family. The kids were really surprised to see a puppy under the Christmas tree. Root Beer was born on October 30th and is already 3 1/2 months. He just keeps on growing. People are surprised to know we found our puppy on the intranet. We will definitely refer them to you. Thanks for your support and guidance.

The Martinez Family  

Lake Wyle, SC – McGarity Family

McGarity-M-chocolate-male-labWelcome to the family Jed!
16 months ago we welcomed a new member into the McGarity clan. He was the brown furry kind of member. Jed wiggled his way into our hearts long before we ever met him. In 2012 our family was the “spotlight” family during the FIGHT NIGHT FOR KIDS fundraiser. Our daughter Libby Claire was loving the spotlight that night. At the end of an amazing evening we met Tripper Wood. He was so friendly & kind. Tripper explained he was a second generation Labrador breeder & would like to offer our family a Lab puppy. He went on to tell us his labs are bred for temperament. They are non-hyper dogs. Well…being a family with 5 kids and 2 old dogs already we really didn’t jump at the chance for another mouth to feed. But we did agree to come out to the Wood farm and check out the labs. A few weeks later we all loaded up and headed to meet tripper at his farm. well, of course…we held puppies…met adult labs…and fell in love with labs. within a few months tripper called to let us know a mama had a litter and we needed to come pick out jed. the newest McGarity. We have had an excellent experience with Jed. Tripper, his wife Jody & his father Tripp have been within a phone call or drive away if we needed anything or had any questions. I was a little nervous adding a puppy to our mix but honestly with the training tips Tripper gave us the “puppy stage” was not bad at all.
Jed is a fantastic dog. He is great with our kids!
McGarity family